Pot of Gold Fundraiser
These are the rules for the Pot of Gold Fundraiser for Charlottetown Legion Branch #1, as approved by a general meeting on 26 January 2012.  The 300 Club Fundraiser has been terminated.

1. Membership costs $2.00 annually.
2. Membership registration is due on 1 January, but new members may join at any time of the year.
3. A membership number will be issued for the balance of the calendar year.
4. Members will be required to sign in weekly, and to pay a $2.00 fee to register for the weekly draw.
5. The weekly draw will be held on Fridays at 6:30PM in Comrades' Landing - the winner need not be present.
6. All draws will be divided 50/50 between the winner and the Legion.
7. Membership is open to anyone of legal age (Legion members, staff, public).
8. If there is no winner of the weekly draw, then the full amount will be carried forward for the following week's draw until the prize is won.